How to Stop Fake News

If you see an article with a sensational headline: Don’t share it. Don’t click like or any other reaction. Don’t even click on the link. Fake news sites make money from advertising, and the only way to stop them is to stop people from looking at their articles.

Before you do anything, remember that we just want people to think twice before sharing. No one likes to be called out for sharing fake news, so your friend is likely to react defensively. Arguing about facts using posts from news or fact-checking sites probably won’t be effective.

You're less likely to start an argument if you point out the other content on the page: the ads are typically click bait and porn, and the stories are often stolen from other sites. So, just comment with a link to the original story, a trusted source with the facts, or to one of the memes below. To comment a link, right click on the link, choose “Copy Link”, then paste it into the Facebook comment field.

Here are a few techniques that have been successful for us:

If your friend replies defensively or that they posted it as a joke, diffuse the situation. You may not want to reply at all. Just having your friends think twice before sharing a post helps us immensely!

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